Sewing Inspiration: Winter 2017

I’ve been chasing my tail trying to decide on what to sew next. The main things I need are active-wear and everyday clothes that I won’t mind getting dirty. So many ideas, but where to start? Sound all too familiar?

So I thought I’d make a mood board of my wish list. While I was doing this, I decided to scale the inspiration photos in size based on how much I wanted/needed to make the item. It was a good way to try to come up with some sort of prioritised list.  I’m mainly looking at the styles here, the colours are likely to be different.  Mostly shades of grey, pink, olive and brown – depending on what is in my stash – along the lines of the colour palettes in the last board. Continue reading “Sewing Inspiration: Winter 2017”

Summer wardrobe planning

To put my fashion flats drawings to the test, I’ve been using them to plan my summer sewing.  Two possible wardrobes are emerging with the colour scheme coming from the choice of swimsuit fabric.  One is a colourful ink-blotch print and the other is a striking digital print.

After doing the tech drawings, I’ve scanned them in so I have a digital copy that are all the same scale.  It was fairly easy to identify a few of the designs which didn’t suit me.  I also printed a reduced scale version that I cut up like playing cards to match with the fabrics I had in mind.  It made mixing and matching the patterns a lot easier as I could compare the proportions of a top with a bottom. Continue reading “Summer wardrobe planning”

Craftsy Class Review: Drawing fashion flats

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to watch and make use of the Craftsy classes I’ve accumulated.  I’ve also stuffed my ankle so I’m looking for more sedentary things to do at the moment (twiddling my thumbs for 3-4 months is going to test my patience).

Anyway, the first class I’ve watched has been Drawing Fashion Flats: Designing Construction Details   I often do sketches when I’m trying to knock off a garment I’ve seen or see how a pattern’s proportions work on my croquis, so I thought I’d give this class a go.   I have been working on plans for a summer wardrobe, so I could put the class to work by drawing out my plan. Continue reading “Craftsy Class Review: Drawing fashion flats”

2016, the year in stitches

It is hard to believe that the year is almost over.  Time to have a quick look back at my original goals for the year and see how the year went.

I’d have to say that my 3 favourite things that I made this year was the swimsuit (Merckwaerdigh BAD24), the knit biker jacket (My Image M1459) and the pixel plaid wool shirt (Knipmode).  All three have had a lot of wear and I’m planning another version of the swimsuit very soon.  A close runner-up was a hand-dyed T-shirt – just love the colours.  Probably the most challenging has been the hut booties for DH.  I’m hoping the weather is a little cooler next week so I can finish off the second boot before I forget how it was done 🙂 Continue reading “2016, the year in stitches”

4 patterns => 11 piece wardrobe

I’ve been following the speculation thread for the 2017 SWAP on Artisan’s square.  One of the suggestions was to use four patterns to make the 11 piece wardrobe.    This afternoon, I put a pen to paper and came up with a couple of quick options for a casual wardrobe and a sport one. My first impression was that four patterns would be fairly bland – but it is actually not too bad if you change collars, lengths of sleeves or add some colour blocking.  See what you think. Continue reading “4 patterns => 11 piece wardrobe”

Winter sewing – the complete 12 piece wardrobe

As today is the last official day of winter, it is time to checking on my progress with my Winter SWAP plans.  The format for the SWAP is the same for my previous swap.  This format helps me focus on the colour and the wildcards allow a bit of fun as the don’t have to be worn will ALL of the other pieces.

Some of my pieces are for work, some business-casual and others for the weekend.  Mostly I've used patterns I've used before which meant I didn't have to worry about fitting.  Two patterns, both from My Image magazine, have been on my stash for too long and I'm so glad I tried them.

Pack 1 Black silk knit shell,    bengaline pants,    denim jeans
Pack 2 Cream / Brown Knit blazer,     rayon knit shell,      stretch sateen pants
Combo All wrap front top,     colour-blocked top
Wildcard Red knit biker jacket,     utility jacket,     rayon knit shell,     canvas pants


What I wanted to achieve…

Main colours:   black, dark brown, cream and red.

Expand options for these jackets (black wool jacket  from 2015, brown leather jacket from 2014, Tosti jacket form earlier this year

Really need:

  • plain knit tops to wear under a jacket, esp cream and black
  • black jeans and dressy pants
  • red jeans to go with the Tosti jacket

Nice to have:

  • dressy knit jacket
  • hand-woven jacket - sadly I didn't finish this project.  I made the body section of a Chanel style jacket - complete with quilting.  But shelved the project because I accidentally cut one of the front pieces from the sampling section.  -> My check pattern was wider on one front than the other.  I may come back and re-cut the piece or re-dye the fabric

Overall I think it has been a success.  My favourite pieces are the biker jacket and utility jacket. The other solid tops and pants mean I have plenty of options to wear them.

‘Start with a skein’ SWAP: Finish with a scarf

Since my SWAP wardrobe was inspired by the colours in a skein of yarn, I should show you the finished scarf.  After a few wrong turns learning experiences, the end result was a featherweight scarf that really showed up the colour variations in the dying.  Continue reading “‘Start with a skein’ SWAP: Finish with a scarf”

‘Start with a skein’ SWAP: Pack 4

The last part of the new wardrobe is the “wildcard” pack.  The colours can be anything, as long as they match with some (not all) of the items in the previous packs.  I’ve used orange tones in my wildcards. Continue reading “‘Start with a skein’ SWAP: Pack 4”

‘Start with a skein’ SWAP: Pack 3

The third pack in the SWAP consists of two garments that use the same colour scheme as the first two packs and tie them together.

Pack 1 was off-white, with the print in the top including blue and browns.

Pack 2 was mainly blue, but the shorts also had a dash of tan.

So this pack features shades of off-white, mid-brown and blue with a orange highlights.  Orange will feature in the final pack. Continue reading “‘Start with a skein’ SWAP: Pack 3”