A knitwear design experiment

You have to love a Victorian spring.  35oC one day, snowing on the mountains the next.  Considering the summer we are likely to get, I relished the cool weather while it lasted. Today is back up to 37, but the brief reprieve got me thinking about starting a jumper (sweater) for next winter.

I’m a very slow knitter so if I start now, it might be ready in time.  I’ve only completed three jumpers even though I’ve probably started at least a dozen, maybe more.  I tend to lose interest when I realise that it either won’t fit or won’t suit me.  The crazy thing is that I still just pick a pattern from a book and knit as directed.  If it was a sewing project that I’d be spending so much time on, I’d be doing a few sketches and working out what alterations I needed before hand. Continue reading “A knitwear design experiment”

Sew the look : Lekala 4420 Blouse

Remember those rust pants from a previous post that I was trying to find tops for?  Well here is the second instalment : a casual summer blouse using Lekala 4420 Continue reading “Sew the look : Lekala 4420 Blouse”

DIY kayak spray skirt and half deck

In theory, this should be an easy project.  A couple of seams, seam-sealed, elastic tunnel on the edges… project done.  Too minor snags – no pattern and I don’t have access to the kayak I’m making it for.  Plus as they weren’t for me, extra pressure to get it right. Continue reading “DIY kayak spray skirt and half deck”

Butterick 5988 Floral Top

When I did my wardrobe clean-out last month, I was making notes on gaps that I needed to fill and patterns that I should so again. One of my “opportunities” was to sew a couple of tops to go with one of my pants. It is a lovely Japanese cotton with a little bit of texture. The warp is black and the weft is a rusty colour. Continue reading “Butterick 5988 Floral Top”

Pattern Hack: Hiking shirt with armpit and back vents

This is the same pattern as in my previous post, but this time with twist. The fabric is one of those tech hiking fabrics, supposedly with moisture management and UV protection, that I see so often in RTW hiking shirts. It’s been in my stash for ages and I’ve always had plans to use it make a hiking shirt with all the bells and whistles. Continue reading “Pattern Hack: Hiking shirt with armpit and back vents”

Striped hiking shirt

Am I the only one who doesn’t like sewing buttons on?

I made this shirt almost 6 weeks ago and have only just got around to putting the last couple of buttons on. It’s such a tedious job at the best of times when it’s only the front placket that needs doing, but this shirt has an extra eight ( pocket, sleeve tab and 2 on each cuff). But I got there in the end, mainly as I wanted to wear it on the weekend. Continue reading “Striped hiking shirt”

Pattern Review: Cashmerette Ames Jeans

In my zest for cleaning out my pattern drawer, I managed to lose my TNT jeans pattern. (Insert sound of whimpering here). It was based on a Knipmode (Jan 2011) pattern for boyfriend jeans that had been laboriously tweaked into close-fitting jeans than I’ve made over and over (easily 20 times). And it’s gone!!! Waaaa!!! Continue reading “Pattern Review: Cashmerette Ames Jeans”

Trialling Unicose Patterns

I’ve known about Unicose patterns for a while now and having been wanting to give them a try.  Their designs are quite extensive – the usual fair plus quite a lot of menswear, activewear and complex jacket designs.  In the past, I’ve drafted a couple of items inspired by their designs.  Recently, I plucked up the courage to purchase a few patterns to try.

Continue reading “Trialling Unicose Patterns”

McCall’s 7446 Tank Top and Self Drafted Cycling Shorts

Recently I drafted a pair of cycling bib shorts and have found them so great to wear. They have become my favourites and wear them in preference to the elastic waist type shorts. That’s my excuse to make another pair and a tank top to wear with them. Continue reading “McCall’s 7446 Tank Top and Self Drafted Cycling Shorts”

Sewing in 2018: 3rd Quarter Wrap-up

Yikes! Where has the year gone! Spring is in the air and the birds have been very active in garden. It’s exciting to see new species, such as an Eastern Yellow Robin who shadowed me when I was weeding the other day. Had a hard time resisting jumping up and down with excitement in case I scared it off! Continue reading “Sewing in 2018: 3rd Quarter Wrap-up”